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As a minimum the following data should be recorded when surveying

  • Date of survey - needed for magnetic declination
  • Survey team members
  • Name of cave being surveyed
  • Name of cave section e.g. Upper Series, Lower Levels, Show Cave Section - these will be useful when writing the description
  • Calibration data
  • Instruments used
  • Units used if not 'normal' e.g. grad, feet, percent
  • survey legs and LRUD readings

Other things that should/could be recorded

  • Major features such as stal bosses, huge blocks
  • side passages, even if you don't explore them, put a station here for use later
  • pits and steps in the floor
  • floor detail, blocks, sand, pebbles, guano, flowstone
  • avens and chimneys
  • streams with direction of flow
  • air draughts with direction
  • pitches
  • changes in passage size, good idea to place a station here
  • notches
  • passage termination - show type - boulder choke, stal choke, too low, too tight
  • waterfalls and cascades
  • inlets and sinks
  • geological features, faults slickensides, dip/strike, dikes, sills, folding
  • biological - blind fish, crabs etc, animal prints, bones
  • archaeological features, fire pits, sherds, bones