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 Now we can have a look at the output.

Click on Project -  New Print Composer

Enter a name for the Composer and the Composer Window will open

The first thing to do is add a map. Click on the Add New Map icon just over halfway along the toolbar and click and drag a rectangle on the composer canvas. A copy of the current map view will appear.. This can be modified in the properties window on the right but I'll leave you to learn this from a QGIS tutorial. For now I'll just show how to add a grid.

Click th Show grid button and enter suitable properties for the grid

Your map should now have a grid

Play with the grid properties until you're happy and then you can export your map by clicking on Composer - Export As...


Job done, but...

This has barely scratched the surface. GIS can do much more than produce a half decent map. There are loads of tutorials on the internet.