AGM Munites 2013

CSG AGM Minutes 2013.

2013-09-29, Hidden Earth Monmouth.

Present: Wookey, Kevin Dixon, Mike Mcombe, Juan Corrin, Dave Clucas, Andrew Atkinson, Paul Fretwell, Martin Green, John Stevens, Becka Lawson.



Summary of year:



Weekend in Swales Nov 2012, Jan 2013 Yorkshire event cancelled due to Andrew buggering off to South America for a couple of months.

Paperless Surveying courses remain popular and feedback has been very positive. At least a few people have asked for tech support afterwards suggesting the skills are being used.

They get slicker each time as we improve and simplify.

Footleg published training notes from Yorkshire, effectively as the first article in the CSG online publications series which replace the paper Compass Points.

We believe there is demand for a follow-on/advanced drawing/data management course. We need to develop a plan for that and try it somewhere. In conjunction with something like BCRA Tech symposium or BCA/BCRA party weekend as cadidates are likely to be more scattered. Footleg suggested/volunteered to do shorter/small sessions as part of a normal caving weekend. e.g. a sunday morning. Limit on course frequency is weekends the trainers have to spare.

Courses have so far involved AndrewA, Wookey, Footleg, John Stevens and Julian Todd. Getting some more people trained up would be good. Kevin, Martin and Mike all volunteered. Which is expected to be January in Yorkshire, Organised by Andy Chapman.

ACTION: Wookey. Hassle BCRA/BCA party organisers for survey workshop slot.

Mike sent out feedback request after SWales event. 50% response rate. Very complimentary feedback, but no real info on what an advanced course might contain, nor requests for changes. People tend to ask for support of individuals, not on the lists, probably due to reluctance to ask 'dumb' questions in public. We need to encourage culture of asking in the right place, as that helps everyone else who wanted to know, and spreads the load of answering. Note: Tell people during course that this is the way to do it, and 'dumb' questions are fine.