AGM Munites 2013 - Cave survey Archive

Survey archive really gaining momentum, with Mendip and Yorkshire now very active. Moose has offered derbyshire data. Matienzo data is coming. Other secret data is being added. We should try and get some Scotland data - no-one present knew who might have it. Someone should ask Goon who will presumably know.

Kevin had a point about data layout: has ordering as the cave guides, but the Yorkshiure dataset in the archive is laid out differently. Response: It's up to them how they lay stuff out - we are not going decree things like that. Talk to the co-ordinator (Becka Lawson) about whether changing things would make sense). Some discussion about 'outputs' (e.g. drawn-up surveys) as opposed to the data/scans 'input' data in the archive. People keep wanting to add it but we discourage this as it's not the purpose. Creating somewhere to put such things would be useful. is good, but only covers scanned maps, and inclreasingly maps will be vector to start with. Martin mentioned his slippy-map site for placing surveys on the world. We should clearly think what to do about this.