AGM Munites 2013 - UIS congress

 There was a lot of interest in the cave data management issue, both for national registries and expeditions. A bibliographic database was presented as an example of what might be interesting. Hong megui and CUCC both want to develop 'version 2's of their sites having seem what was wrong with their 1st goes. They are trying to collaborate, and will try to do this under the UIS informatics banner in the hope to get others involved.

There was also and impromtu 'International cave surveyors meeting' with intersting perspective on software usage. Even international survey nerds had not heard of some stuff (terraintool, caveconverter, toppparser). Wookey promised to update the cave survey software list, and everyone agreed more international use of the cave-survey mailing list would be helpful.

 Beat Heeb showed his DistoX2 prototype. A lot of people asked him to open up pockettopo so others could help improve it. He was not keen but seemed to be wavering...

New UIS grade definitions exist and were generally approved of by CSG. We should arrange for a BCRA AGM motion, to adopt them.

ACTION: Andrew