AGM Munites 2013 - New competitions and prizes

Well done Kevin for getting this off the ground (and Footleg and Andrew for running). Leica have sponsored main prixes for 3 years. BCRA funded 2nd prize for one year. Need to find money for next year. Suggested that regional councils have money (especially CNCC from rigging guide sales).

ACTION: Kevin? to approach CNCC, MikeM to approach Cambrian.

Andrew: CSG has some money that can be used if we don't find another source.

Everyone pleased with initial response, and it seemed popular with attendees.

 Juan pointed out that there was no defined mechanism for feedback, which people would probably appreciate. Everyone agreed this would be useful but we don't want to make it formal. Agreed to set a time, like 1pm Sunday where anyone who wants can come and talk about surveys with the experts. Needs to be got it into the program.  ACTION Andrew

Get next year's lecture sec to tell people to enter in initial communications.

Some way of encouraging specific nominations for cave registry would be good too. Not sure how best to do that.