Here is a collection of sites that maybe useful, sort of grouped

Record Sites

BDCC Google Map of Mendip Caves

CaveMaps - Surveys of the 'Yorkshire' caving area

Cambrian Cave Registry

DCUC registry - off line (July 2013)

Irish Database


North Wales Caves

UBSS Cave Surveys



Auriga - Underground centreline and drawing software for palm

Compass - Centreline plotting

Cave Converter - Application that converts data between various software formats (Java, with open source code)

PocketTopo - Underground centreline plotting and sketching on Windows Mobile PDAs

RosettaStal - Cave survey data file format converter program (C++ source, Windows binary)

Survex - Centreline plotting and viewing program

Terrain Tool - Produces surface for Survex and Therion

Therion - Centreline, map and 3D model production and viewing


TopParser -  Converts top files from PocketTopo to Therion, producing all the files needed

Tunnel - Map drawing program for use on Survex data

Walls - Tools for Cave Survey Data Management

WinKarst - Cave Mapping Software for Windows


Handling Magnetic Anomalies

Cave Surveying and Mapping - An Introduction to Caves and Caving

Surveying in Underwater Caves

Cave Survey: Wikis

Compass Tutorial


South Wales Caves

Compass Points Archive