22nd and 23rd February 2014

The course was attended by about ten people. Saturday morning was spent covering the basic principles of surveying with useful tips on what to do and what not to do. This was followed by a quick demo of what Therion can do with the data downloaded from the DistoX and a demo of how to use the DistoX. After a break it was outside into the mud and rain for lessons in calibration.

After lunch a small group set off to Bull Pot of the Witches where the lessons learned were put to practical use. The entrance chamber was surveyed and, on returning to Bullpot Farm, the data was downloaded to laptops ready for drawing up on Sunday.

The group then headed for the Wheatsheaf in Ingleton for an excellent meal, a few beers and lots of talk about cave surveying.

On Sunday the survey data was gradually turned from a list of numbers to a symbolic representation of the cave and then magically turned into a map by Therion. The newcomers to Therion went home with a lot to think about and the trainers went home with lessons learned from each other.

Photographs taken on the day can be downloaded here.