26/27th September 2015


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    • Training

 Derbyshire and a Mendip weekend over the last year, with a follow up evening in Mendip. More talk about advanced training, what, when how. (see action from last year)

    • Competitions

6 more distos have been kindly donated, well done Kevin. The Data Archive was for 3 years, this been the final year. It has been suggested by John Stevens that to replace it there be 2 categories of survey, above and below x km. So where do we want to take the competitions, especially with Euro Speleo next year

    • Actions from Previous Minutes


SWCC offered as a venue for training (advanced training) ACTION: Alan

Mark Brown requested peak district training. 1st week December agreed.ACTION :Mark

Ideas for advanced training:

Do GIS stuff, advanced Therion? End Febuary? SWCC Last weekend.

Point cloud stuff would get Roo along. Alan to organise.

Need to send him some text and date.ACTION: ?


Survey Competition Feedback

Should be a feedback slot tomorrow. This occurred, but no punters. Wook + Andrew made notes. Writing up something for speleology would be a good idea. ACTION:Andrew will try to write up. Send in copies.

Other thoughts in meeting

Dave Clucas spent time fettling the cave surveying web site, and is happy to do some more. Should make him superuser so he can actually fix things ACTION: Andrew

We want to volunteer some basic training for BCA party. Need to find contact and ask if they want it. ACTION: Kevin

ACTION: Wookey promises to update software list.

BCRA motion to adopt UIS symbols asking for more info. Andrew is preparing report/reply. ACTION:Andrew


Make Joomla and data archive admin passwords match up. ACTION Wookey

And update svn to latest. ACTION Cookie