Cave Surveying Group Meeting

Hidden Earth

23rd September 2018

Attendance: Andrew Atkinson (chair), Tom Starnes (minutes), Paul Mann, Tom Foord, Andrew Mcleod, Jo White, Alastair Gott, Henry Bennett, Nick Bainstow, Footleg, Dave Clucas, Graham Mullan, Arthur Millet, Allan Richardson


The Previous Year

The GIS lecture at Hidden Earth 2017 was well received and was followed by a GIS workshop at SWCC. A corresponding follow up article on Darkness Below contains a link to a workspace.

CHECC survey training was delivered in November last year by Rich Smith using Sexytopo in.

A three day paperless survey training course ran at Housteen Gorge, funded and supported by CNCC.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for his continual hard work that has successfully gained a further 6 Disto X3 to be used as prizes for the next 3 years.



An advanced surveying workshop is to be held on November 10th and 11th.

A date for the next basic paperless training at SWCC is TBC, probably spring.

Training can be delivered at other venues upon request. Survey training is on offer if people are prepared to organise logistics and venue. Andrew Atkinson is the primary contact.

A second GIS workshop maybe at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham – to be organised by Jo White.


Other Ideas

There is interest in photogrammetry e.g. for archaeological sites, with a problem being moving light sources. Wookey Hole has now been laser scanned three times with different results, and there is a view to conducting a photogrammetry survey which can be compared against these. A 1 or 2 day theoretical course focussing on surveying in ferrous environments was proposed.

How can we make people aware of training? The CSG is keen to target newcomers, particularly those with upcoming expeditions. Expeditions consolidate skills and facilitate skills sharing. Training dates and events should be posted on the CSG website and linked to from a suite of other platforms including Darkness Below, UK Caving, Descent and mailing list.

There is an open call for content for the CSG website. Contributors can ask for admin permissions to post content.

Sexytopo: Calibration function is been worked on. Reminder to use topParser to migrate Pockettopo data into Therion.

Andrew MacLeod will look into making the BCA data archive more user friendly. The archive is a dynamic repository excellent for group working data, not just for finished products, it captures the changes and therefore the history

With the recent formation of the BCRA Biology SIG, the Hazelton database of biological records is going to become more dynamic and key members of the Biology SIG would benefit from some training in SVN so that the data can be managed correctly. - Contact?

The CSG bank account is closed and merged into the main BCRA bank account.