Cave Surveying Group Meeting

Hidden Earth

September 2017

Who: Wookey (minutes), Andrew Atkinson (Chair), Thom Starnes, Rich Smith, Dave Dillon, Chris, Fox, Nick
Bairstow, John Stevens, Contentious bastatrd, Spike, Tom Ford

This year:

Introduction to paperless surveying at South Wales CHECC northern: Day's training on paperless surveying CHECC southern: Sexytopo training Plans
Andrew Atkinson wrote a piece for Darkness Below about the potential to use GIS as a front end to cave surveying After the very well attended talk this morning, the intention is to arrange a weekend of interested parties to move this forward. Encourage people to publish on the CSG website. Data archive update: Is being used. Not much data from South Wales. Not just the UK, not just survey data, some biological data has been added, any data relating to caves can be added Is there any climate data? No. Spread the word to the cave scientists. Leica Sponsorship will expire we will still have the BCRA prizes, some work needs to be done on this Survey competition Classes: Currently Small, Large, Other, Arthur Butcher and Delegate vote: Will leave the same for this year Golden Age of Caving, December. Thom and Wookey will organise CSG presence at the event. Sexytopo. Free Software is on github. Dave Dillon asked about DistoD110 speaks bluetooth4. - anyone know? Planned Training/Meetings GIS meeting: January. Basic: March/April. CHECC is 9th-11thMarch.